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Formerly located on a glorious plot of land opposite Bogobiri House, the Nimbus Art Centre grew to become the central focus for art and creativity in Lagos. Its modern art gallery, outdoor restaurant and live music stage attracted talented artist and musicians from all over the world. The unending list of famous visitors to the Nimbus include ; Tony Allen, Jeremy Vine, Richard Quest, Damon Albarn, Asa, Dbanj, Tola Wewe, Ben Osawe and many other leading artists and musicians in Nigeria.featuresToday’s Nimbus is nestled above the new Bogobiri Art House and boasts a contemporary space and terrace available for rent for weekly art exhibitions. In addition to this, the nimbus provides art valuation, advisory and auctioneering services geared at stimulating the secondary art market and transforming art works from mere decorative pieces to collateralised assets.The Nimbus gallery and terrace is also the ideal place to view exciting new art while enjoying a quiet drink in the most serene atmosphere well away from the madding crowd of the Lagos metropolis. It is also the perfect place to pick up a unique work of art or gift for someone special or yourself